sufjan stevens = word hero link

sufjan stevens = word hero

You might not think much would link Sufjan Stevens, Miley Cyrus and William Faulkner, but you’d be wrong. Sufjan Stevens not only makes mind-blowing crazy records that rank amongst the finest things I’ve heard this century, but he also knows a thing or too about grammar and literature. Turns out poor old MC doesn’t. Sufjan wrote about all this on his blog, and i thought it was so sweet i’ve added it here.

Aside from that all else is well, im off to buy the new Julie Ruin cd tomorrow in Brighton after NME gave it 9/10. I also heard a really cool Kathleen Hanna interview on the radio Saturday afternoon driving home from Battle castle. Also super excited to see Mark Kozelek playing soon too. Goodnight xo

summer songs mixtape

download ashmatic kitty summer mixtape here!

Wait a minute, summer snoozer! Before you jump on that plane/car/boat/scooter and head off to enjoy hazy sunshine beach days and losing games of mini golf and badminton, here is a link to a rather spectacular summer mixtape from the always-cool Sufjan Stevens (and his stepdad!) founded label ashmatic kitty. It’s got new songs from the awesome welcome wagon, shannon stephens, and lilly and madeleine. Later today I’m driving with the fam to, err, Luton. Or at least to Luton airport hotel before flying away from England early tomorrow for a month, but I’ll keep writing music news here.

The first cd’s I ever bought were Elvis Presley’s “Greatest hits” and “The best of Elton John.” Hey, don’t judge me too harshly my musical education had to start somewhere! (my parents stopped listening to music in 1975, the year my older brother was born!). I do still quite like some of the older EJ stuff, back in the day, and maybe he’s new record won’t be so awful? He’s teamed up with the ace t bone burnett for his new record out in September and there’s an intriguing clip of it here.

check out the new Bosnian Rainbows album here!

listen to the new Bosnian Rainbows album

I was on a 6 hour bus ride on Sunday and tuned into NPR’s “records of the summer” podcast which did the job of providing an interesting backdrop to the passing dreary motorway traffic, but then I heard a song from the new Bosnian Rainbows record called “turtleneck” and it blew me away. Bosnian Rainbows features x-Mars Volta members and I hope this record wakes a few people up. When I  found out NPR is streaming the entire record on their “First Listen” programme and I had to stop myself shaking the elderly lady sitting next to me to tell her it’s time to throw her Tom Jones tape away and listen to this instead.