no turning back

All the cool stuff comes from Australia. Earth Hour. Cute Koala Bears, Neighbours….and now Plastic Free July, which we’re trying to do here. As I try to focus strictly on words and guitars, this isn’t really the place to go on about how plastic is destroying our oceans, and how a million water bottles are bought every minute which is going to wreck our beautiful planet, but if you want to find out more go to and you can find out all sorts of interesting things like ways to make your own toothpaste!

Sitting here on a sweet summer evening, a baby rocking in her seat, a pile of magazines and books surround me – here’s a few the latest Atlantic magazine, Ethan Canin’s “a doubters almanac”, Norfolk Living magazine, Archie Married Life comic, and JJ’s “Land of Far Beyond” I’ve got Buffalo Tom in my head. These days I pretty much always have Buffalo Tom in my head, there were one of my first teenage crushes – seemingly exotic, romantic and effortlessly cool. They were American, and I always looked to American music and culture because already at 16 I was sick of England. Sick of old people going on about the beatles, and I always felt more connected to Generation X – Douglas Coupland, Richard Linklater films and the beat generation. Buffalo Tom were often playing at some gig in the tv show My So-Called Life (with Claire Danes), and I’d listen to them and daydream about going to an American school and meeting cool interesting girls like Angela and hanging out and playing pool with Jordan. I had to wait a couple of years until I got to do that….

Time for a couple more fun songs? Here’s a little punky poppy light and kind of silly band called Charly Bliss, good when you can’t hear anymore Trump news

Summer song of 2017 Alvvays 🙂

summer songs mixtape

download ashmatic kitty summer mixtape here!

Wait a minute, summer snoozer! Before you jump on that plane/car/boat/scooter and head off to enjoy hazy sunshine beach days and losing games of mini golf and badminton, here is a link to a rather spectacular summer mixtape from the always-cool Sufjan Stevens (and his stepdad!) founded label ashmatic kitty. It’s got new songs from the awesome welcome wagon, shannon stephens, and lilly and madeleine. Later today I’m driving with the fam to, err, Luton. Or at least to Luton airport hotel before flying away from England early tomorrow for a month, but I’ll keep writing music news here.

The first cd’s I ever bought were Elvis Presley’s “Greatest hits” and “The best of Elton John.” Hey, don’t judge me too harshly my musical education had to start somewhere! (my parents stopped listening to music in 1975, the year my older brother was born!). I do still quite like some of the older EJ stuff, back in the day, and maybe he’s new record won’t be so awful? He’s teamed up with the ace t bone burnett for his new record out in September and there’s an intriguing clip of it here.

Sounds of the summerIt’s that time of year where music journalists tell you what’s going to be “hot” this year (ho-hum) which seems to be mostly hip hop music. I was baking a cake, like a real rock star, at the weekend when I heard the Fresh Prince of Bel Air “summer time” was back in the UK charts. Hard to relate to though when it’s pushing 16 C in England and I’m still wearing my winter sweater. Maybe I should sit in my son’s sandpit with a toy piano pretending I’m Brian Wilson. But perhaps not. Either way here’s a list from the 405 website suggesting albums they think are worth checking out this summer.