Single of 2013

I’m in Germany now for Christmas and New Year.

It was back in March on a rainy evening drive to the airport to pick up my parents-in-law when I first heard this song, the first original material by the strypes. I was simply knocked out by the fast beat and hazy screaming geetars! It’s all you want from a single, short, upbeat, and just about as cool as you can get in twenty thirteen. Funny though, if this year has all been about the guys from the old days returning (david bowie, rod stewart, elton john, rolling yawning stones), it takes a bunch of teenagers from Ireland to show them how it’s done!

Play it loud.

Next week – album of the year.

Music Video of 2013

So, from someone fairly obscure in the EP of the year to probably the biggest, at least most well known, singer of the past 50 years or so. This “interactive video” is fun and different, and although I was tempted by the uber-cool futuristic Broken Bells and I love all those flashy post modern David Bowie videos in the end I thought I’d give my little award to please all the Bob Cats out there. Click on the link and flick through all the channels and see what you can find.

Next week – Single of the year.

new JD Salinger stories

So, someone seems to have sneaked into a library (or maybe got hold of an ultra rare copy) and uploaded three unpublished JD Salinger stories online – “Birthday Boy,” “Paula” and “The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls.” you can check them out yourself here


People who know about these kind of things havImagee always maintained there is a fair number of JDS books out there, and some say it won’t be till something crazy like 2050 that he authorised they could be printed, but who can wait that long? Some say it’s a ethical decision to read something he didn’t want printed, but I’ll leave that up to you. i suppose they might be a disappointment, but maybe that’s a risk worth taking?


It seems a good time to once again mention the film and book Salinger which came out a couple of months ago and is on my, and hopefully yours, Christmas wish list. It’s epic.



Next week i’m starting a music review of the year where every week I’ll start with an EP,  then a single, then a music video, and finally an album that I’ve found pretty epic this year. It’s not the “best”, but it’s hopefully something a little bit of obscure radness to brighten up the dark December nights.