I started this little blog as a way of keeping up to date with interesting and innovative music, and keeping it open to roll out the praise for any interesting books, not that I’m expecting a great lost JD Salinger or Jack Korouac, or even a Richard Yates novel to turn up, but if it does I’ll post about it here.

It’s not restricted to guitar bands, I just took the title from an old sleater-kinney song (and added a s!). Bands that may feature, but not exclusively are (deep breath!) : rural alberta advantage, sun kil moon, mark kozelek, a weather, joan of arc, sarah blasko, david bowie, norah jones, bright eyes, Juliana Hatfield, the xx, promise ring, Laura Marling, Villagers, The Streets, Sufjan Stevens, milky wimpshake, and so on and so on.

I’m a country guy living in England. I’m married with two kids. I think that’s all you need to know.



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