Time to let you go

Three songs below, here’s why :

Tonight I’m watching the dvd Norah Jones: Live from Austin, and she’s so talented and so brilliant I always get goosebumps lying on the sofa just listening to her voice. As she sings I’m thinking about things, trying to make sense of sad things – it’s all good. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me, to you, or to anybody but I know what makes sense in life –  it’s astonishing to just be alive and feel free and let yourself be in awe of nature and to surround yourself with words and songs, and “Rosie’s lullaby” is a good place to start.

You can’t get much different from Norah Jones to Dr. Frank from the Mr T Experience. He’s a guy I listened to a lot in the early years of this century. He’s still around, writing novels for teenagers, being all dopey-intellectual. I can’t think of anyone else who makes such happy music, even if he’s singing about his broken heart and how he’s “running out of girlfriends as they keep on running out on me”…anyway here’s “love is dead”

Finally, Elliot Smith. Just those two words have so much emotion to me now, reading  about his life, waiting for the film to come out. So many cool songs, it’s hard to choose one but here’s “everything reminds me of her”