EP of the year

So I’ve got my digital radio tuned into Radio Christmas (24 hour Christmas songs!), watching crappy soppy Christmas films on Sundays, going crazy making Christmas decorations and singing Christmas songs at school all day, eating mince pies and looking at the cool playmobil toys my son gets in his advent calendar every day!

So it must be time to look back on 2015. Each week over the next 4 weeks I’ll choose my favourite EP, video, track and finally album of the year.

This week I’m starting with EP, and the winner is -de-da-dah- Emma Kupa. She use to be the singer in a little fun band called the standard fare, and this year she put out a EP called Home Cinema, it’s  all about her family. It’s got such a breezy lush sound, and she has one of the best voices around at the moment, with personal lyrics touching on alcohol, happy childhood memories, cherry aid and the bittersweet hope family gives you when sadness comes.

If you’ve never heard her before, you should download or buy this EP. It’s really quite exceptional, and if she put together a whole album it would be a strong contender for album of the year too. Check it out below!