why we need political punk more than ever

So, I went along to this little demonstration on Saturday in London. I mean little if you count 250,000 people there protesting against the cuts the British conservative government are doing. The most moving part I thought was when the lady from the Disability rights movement did a speech which you can check out here

So music magazines are asking why Refused bother to reform after they made the perfect punk rock album the shape of punk to come back in the 1990’s, and most critics give the new album fairly average reviews. Critics wonder what the point of Connor Oberst’s punk band Desaparecidos who reformed after 13 years when Connor is best suited to sweet soft lullabies and that the political messages get a little tiresome after 13 songs. They say ok Connor, we get you’re angry, but can’t you just give it a break yelling at us about it…

A few things to note here. First both bands are frankly, needed more in 2015 than back in the 90’s when all the kids like me read Naomi Klien’s “no logo” and we talked all night at the laundrette talking about the dangers of globalisation. In a way it seems innocent to break a Starbucks window now. In 2015 things are so much fucking worse. Globalisation has been swallowed by the sheer dominance of a few select running the world. Corporations, like Facebook and Google, are in control of things these days. We’ve still got things to fight against like wars, and to demand human rights, justice for all and equality. The gap between rich and poor keeps growing according to BBC news.

So, that’s why I am so so happy to have new records by these bands. Desaparecidos I absolutely adore, and their “read music/speak Spanish” record is still one that I go back to again and again. Both bands are also signed to Epitah records. Here’s them performing their new song “City on the hill” on some American chat show. Play it loud.