Election Revolution so vote

First off, I’m a political junkie. Even if you don’t agree with what I will say, I’ve always followed politics so let me explain a few things. There’s a youth TV station here in the UK called E4 that’s shutting down for 24 hours on Thursday as it’s the day of the general election. They say things are more important that re-runs of Hollyoaks. In that spirit I’m taking a break from writing about writers, musicians, songs, poems to talk about politics. Next week I’m writing about Richard Yates, but even he worked briefly as a speech writer for Robert Kennedy.

I was shocked, completely shocked, when my favourite newspaper The Independent gave it’s backing to another 4 years of Conservative-Lib Dem government. They wrote Labour aren’t “yet fit to govern”. How can a left-wing leaning newspaper endorse not just the status quo, but 4 more years of harsh cuts, and tax breaks for the wealthiest of in our society while making the most vulnerable in our country suffer the hardest? Because they don’t like Ed Milliband as much as they like their good old pal Nick Clegg.

A BBC interviewer asked Ed Milliband (leader of Labour government) if he is “too left wing” to be prime minister. He’s been fiercely attacked by the press, the right wing press, and somehow now the liberal newspapers like the Indie.

People laugh at Ed Milliband, he trips over a lot. He’s not stylish, he looks geeky and people make fun of him eating a sandwich. Cameron meanwhile looks ultra slick and modern. A “pumped up” guy ready to “fight” to win. The kind of super confidence you can get when you’ve got, according to respected observers, a £30 million private fortune ready to cash in if you don’t happen to win on Thursday. No wonder he doesn’t seem that bothered if he wins or loses.

But it’s not all about money, it’s about principles and morals, and the way I see it Ed Milliband and Labour are the winners this time. I’m a member of the Green Party, I thought it was a foregone conclusion they’d get my vote again, but this time I’ve been so impressed with Ed Milliband, that Labour will get my vote on Thursday. He’s a million miles away from Tony Blair, closer in ideals and fairness to old Labour like Neil Kinnock and John Smith, and I urge anyone who can to vote Labour. We know it’s going to a be a tough few years, cuts and sacrifices have to be made but I believe Labour will do all they can to protect for the vulnerable and weak in our society, and stand up to the corporations and powerful elite that have far too much influence in the country.

Russell Brand’s interview with Ed Milliband was what did it for me. Brand I can take or leave, of course he’s nihilistic and self-centered, but he cares about people and doing the right thing. Brand famously urged people not to vote, now he’s telling us to vote Labour. I’m with him 100% you can see why below. Great article here by Owen Jones about all this.

Do the right thing, do it all the time.