tapes and tears

It may be 10 degrees hotter in Germany, but we’ve been enjoying the summer here in Hadlow Down. After all the trips and goodbyes of the last few months I’m relishing the prospect of spending some time with my wife and family. Once the primary school bells ring for the final time this year we’re off to France, but this is no place for holiday snaps, but I guess the new Conor Oberst video below got me all misty eyed.

I had a rare morning in Brighton this week, where aside from having a rad vegan breakfast, picking up a comic from the coolest comic shop around, I got the new tape from Bonnie Prinbpbce Billy which is all about the meaning of life and facing your own mortality. It’s heavy stuff and probably best I only have it on cassette where I can listen to it driving around the Wealden fields without bothering anybody else as tears fill endlessly up in my eyes. In related news, that old car is going for an MOT next week I’m hoping it all goes well because I’ll sure miss hanging out in dusty charity shops snooping through the 50p tape section.

I also joined a little poetry club next door. It’s fun, but as I’ve not written anything for years feel a bit hypocritical recycling old poems from 2008, but nobody knows and it’s all good. I might even write something again.

It’s not high art, but the big bosses at Archie HQ have killed old Archie off in the married life comic series, which doesn’t make sense to all us 30-something comic fans who got a kick out of Archie going through the same stuff we do. Can’t be bothered to go back to the teenage comics, that’s another world and I don’t care much for nostalgic (except back at home at my mum’s)

Ok, here’s the new Conor Oberst single. I keep going back to his album, which hits me pretty hard too like he did back in ’99 with Fevers and Mirrors. It’s rad and infectious and real, and few albums are like that these days seems to me. More soon.

Listening to Mark Kozelek and Desertshore


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