the lost world of book lovers

Ever since I read a rather charming review back in November in the Guardian newspaper about an unusual novel-within-a-novel called “S” written by JJ Abrams and Dorst I’ve been anxiously waiting for a copy to turn up at my local library. “S” is the strangest book you’re likely to read this year – it’s written in the form of an old novel called “Ship of Theseus” from 1949, and it’s lovingly scribbled in with pen notes from two university grad students who fall in love, and try to decode the mystery of the novel. Inside the book too there are letters, postcards, pictures, and it’s a celebration of boosk, book collecting, anImaged the simple joy of finding treasures and connecting with “uncool” people. Here’s the thing – I had no idea who JJ Abrams was. I’m not really into sci-fi he’s directing the new Star Wars and Star Trek, I’ve have never seen “Lost” which he wrote, so I guess that makes me not only slightly at odds with that offbeat world of mass consumption and nerd-hipsters, so I suppose I approached the book with a kind of naivety and innocence, but ever since I picked it up I’ve been fascinated with it. Ship of Theseus is a great adventure story, but all those beautiful handwritten notes scribbled across the pages and the little secrets within this book is the real joy. For the most part I tend to skip books written in the 21st Century, and somehow this modern book is a celebration of the lost world and romance of someone like Stefan Zweig. It’s a book for book lovers, and those of us who feel strangely connected to the simple ways of old. It’s so enjoyable (even if perhaps not “great” but who cares about that when you’re having fun?) I’m tempted to join the rest of civilisation and watch “Lost”, but then again I’d rather listen to Mark Kozelek….

Whose new Sun Kil Moon album is getting serious attention 9/10 on pitchfork, 8/10 in nme. There’s little else to say, apart from this is surely the album of the year, right? February and it’s all over….

Last note – I’m off to see Matt Pryor from the get up kids on Sunday who sounds as cool today as he ever did, at least those old get up kids emo songs got my little family dancing and whirling around the living room the other night, which is always a good thing, right?

Goodnight xo


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