EP of the year

Over the next 4 weeks I’m going to be a little self-indulgent and post my personal highlights of the year. Today it’s the EP of the year, next weekend the video of the year, then the single of the year and finally the big one – album of the year.

There’s something different. I am determined to avoid the usual things though, and instead celebrate some of the more unknown things and so hopefully sprinkle a little radness to brighten your christmas.

So, in that spirit we’re starting with this short gem download only EP by Ant. He was the drummer of indie pop band hefner back in the 90’s, but now he lives in Sweden and occasionally releases some particularly fine things singing about the simple joys and heartaches of life. This year he put out  an instrumental EP “only pipe dreams in the pipeline  recorded only with acoustic folk instruments, he calls it “the soundtrack to the end of another cold winter”, and it’s really quite delightful and here’s a video from it to enjoy over a hot chocolate and dreams of a Swedish forest life….


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