saying things you regret 20 years later

I had planned to list some songs i’ve been digging the last couple of weeks, an eccentric mix of old and new to brighten your day. But then I borrowed a car and forgot all this super cool songs. For this is a “new” (2007!) car with new features, like a cd player. Which means i’m taking a break from prowling around charity shops looking for tapes for my Citroen car. Instead I filled the car up with, errr, Mark Kozelek albums, play that loud and drive 100’s of miles over Sussex for Autism Sussex.

So. I’m putting up “Caroline” from this year’s Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle for some reason it doesn’t work on soundcloud, but a youtube video with no video is fine too. It’s not the best song on the album, but it’s the sweetest.

Aside from listening to MK, I’ve been checking out Ryan Gosling’s epic battle against the bad companies KFC and Mcdonalds, but somehow I’ve had no choice but to go into such places as part of my job (at least the coffee is fairtrade, I guess though!). I’ve been getting into the Norah Jones and Green Day boy album, and feeling kind of sorry for Ad Rock and Mike D from Beastie Boys over this whole sorry GoldieBlox thing.

If you missed it, GoldieBlox did some parody of 80’s Beastie Boys song “Girls” only this time turning it into a kind of feminist anthem to girls being able to do whatever they want, whereas in the original it was “girls to do my washing to tidy my room” that kind of thing. I feel sorry for them because GoldieBlox should never have done the advert video. it was a cheap marketing ploy for toys. Bringing up the past is a bad idea, and Beastie Boy can’t be accused of being anti feminist. Mike D is married to Kathleen Hanna of course too which has to stand for something. Beastie Boys were kids at the time of “girls” They were making a joke about people they thought were silly with those early songs, and ok it didn’t really work but so what?

When I was 15 and crazy all upset about life and messed up from my parents divorce I said to the school “feminist” in my class something really bad which still makes me cringe all this years later. I said “why don’t you go back to your kitchen.” Awful, right? I’ve always being totally pro womens rights and pretty much anyone’s rights for that matter, against all kind of exploration and awful things like page 3 and “lads magaizines”…and even back when I said that i knew it was a fucking dumb thing to say I was just pretending to be someone else. I think it was the same for Beastie Boys.

Anyway I’m tired and that’s enough of the words, time for the guitar. Even if there isn’t any much guitar in this song!


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