something old, something new

As I was driving back from the teen club where I work last night (!?) the radio played an old Shirelles song “Will you love me tomorrow” (Bryan Ferry also did an amazing cover of this about 10 years ago too) and then played Erykah Badu “On and on”, two perfect songs for cold autumn nights, especially when you’ve been hanging out with a bunch of teenagers all night.
 You can listen the the shirelles below, but I also wanted to have something new here, so aside from the Shirelles  I’ve also put on a cool little song by an Australian singer called Courtney Barnett who is taking that whole Kate Nash thing to another level it seems. Kate Nash has anyway strangely become some feminsit riot grrl but anyway let’s not dwell on that…

Also NME has a new look. It had David Bowie on the cover too.

Here are the songs, I hope they make you feel as happy as they did for me!



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