mark kozelek’s family snapshots

I don’t know how your summer has been, but mine has been pretty wild and I haven’t really heard much music apart from hipster 90’s songs from German weddings and catchy disco pop as the lemony sunshine baked me in Romania. Actually in rural Romania for 11 days I was kind of liberated from the world, for a news junkie like me it was a strange kind of freedom not knowing the daily political news or reading whatever garbage Liam Gallagher had said during a drunken night out.

 So, back to Earth gently with Mark Kozelek and news of yet another new album. This one will be released 14th January 2014 and features guest spots from Steve Shelley, Jen Wood, and Will Oldham. This, as yet untitled, sun kil moon album features songs about Marks childhood and family. That might sound kind of dull, but a sneak preview of a song he wrote about his mum which featured in a moving New York times piece he wrote earlier this year suggests yet more brilliance from this oddly compelling singer.

 I’m still intoxicated by the last sun kil moon album, among the leaves, and here’s a song to show why. I think among the leaves is the best record released over the last five years.


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