Why William Faulkner is the greatest writer ever

Well, i might be in a minority there. People say he’s difficult to read, he’s complicated, he doesn’t make any sense. For some reason all that kind of appeals to me, and the sheer beauty of his breathtaking writing will knock you senseless and leave you in a daze.

But, hey, sometimes you can alImageways catch the film instead, right? Hot on the heels of “As I lay dying”, which is the film I’m most looking forward to watching this year (out November 2013), it’s director and star James Franco told the LA Times earlier this week he’s started work on Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury”, which is another “unfilmable” book. As you can expect, the book worm bores are already slating both Franco’s SATF intentions and the “As I lay dying” film, “killed a great book” blah blah blah. These are the same people still choking on their popcorn over the Kerouac “on the road” film, a film I found very enjoyable.

ImageAs I Lay Dying will be relased worldwide November 2013


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